New Forms Posted for Ads, Contributions, and Shout-outs for Summer Shows

All forms and information discussed below is on our Forms page.

I have reformatted the ad form for Blake Stage Company.  Everything is on one form.  When you print these, please print the first two pages back-to-back.  That way, the ad/shout-out sizes are on the back of the main sheet.  The last page has two half-sheets, to be copied separately and used as a sort of receipt.  It will remind the advertiser/sponsor of what they gave us money for and how to reach us with questions or emailed artwork.

I have to warn you that the deadlines are quick.  The programs must be submitted to the print shop a week in advance and I need several days to put the program together before I submit it.  The other complication is that I will be awayJuly 12-20, so I will need to submit the Little Mermaid program before I leave, even though the show is a week later than Legally Blonde.  So, the deadline for all program materials is  Monday, July 6 for Legally Blonde, and Thursday, July 9 for Little Mermaid.  I’m sorry about the rush, but we might be more effective if we know we have very little time.

Also, I have compiled a list of people and businesses who have advertised in our programs over the past several years.  It is not complete, because I still have to finish grading exams and packing up my room, but it is pretty good.  I suggest people soliciting ads start with the people who have advertised with and donated to us in the past.  I’ll keep sending updated versions of the database as I continue to update it.  Please note that one tab is advertisers and one tab is sponsors.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the forms or the deadlines.

Mary Wagner